Fabulous Fall Photo Ops That the Whole Family Will Love

Fabulous Fall Photo Ops That the Whole Family Will Love

During the fall, Mother Nature delivers an ideal backdrop for photo ops with beautiful colors and dynamic surroundings. And the best part—you don’t need to have a high-tech camera to capture those magical moments! In fact, your fall photography can be an afterthought while you take part in the best activities that the season has to offer. Let’s face it, coordinating the family for a formal posed photoshoot with a professional photographer is a challenge. Instead, why not venture out on a family outing and just happen to get a few shots along the way? Here are some fall activities that also make for fabulous photo ops.

Apple Picking

A visit to the nearest apple orchard is one way to enjoy the seasonal weather while taking part in a quintessential fall tradition. Your little ones will love exploring the endless rows of trees, and the whole family will enjoy indulging in apple treats when you get home! Don’t forget to bring your phone to snap photos throughout the trip. The candid shots that you take while apple picking might just be the perfect seasonal photos that your memory book needs this year! If you’re unsure where your nearest apple orchard is located, visit this website to get started!

Pumpkin Patch

Spooky season may have passed, but pumpkin patches are still around through Thanksgiving! If you’re looking for a reason to get outside, a visit to your local pumpkin patch or farm is a great way to spend quality family time together. The brilliant colors featured by a wide array of pumpkins will be a stunning backdrop for any photo op. Don’t be afraid to experiment with angles and positioning as you snap away on your smartphone. Candid close-ups will highlight those cute faces while more distanced photos will show the larger perspective of the whole patch. Your nearby pumpkin patch might also double as a farm, which is sure to add another fun element to your outing!

A Walk in the Park or Trail

If the weather’s nice, a stroll through your local neighborhood park or trail is another enjoyable way to spend time together as a family this fall. When the foliage begins to pile up, there are so many opportunities to capture the season in all its beauty. You can even pack a lunch and set up for a picnic along the way! Remember, don’t hold back when taking photos on your phone. Our Editors will sort through all of your images to find the best ones and make them shine.

Playtime in Your Own Backyard

Similar to snow days, fall has a magical ability to transform the most familiar places into a whole new world. The piles of leaves become an instant playground for children and the vibrant colors will add a new beautiful dimension to your smartphone photos. If the weather is nice and the lighting is good, there’s no reason you can’t gather the family to encourage some outdoor play!


An unplugged weekend in the woods is the ultimate adventurous fall activity. If your family enjoys the outdoors, the cool weather creates the perfect environment for a hike followed by a campfire and a cozy sleeping bag. Even if you’re a first-time camper, this activity caters to all ability levels. Some campsites have public bathrooms on site and also allow you to drive to your campsite so you have the comfort and convenience of your vehicle nearby. Check out this website to find the best campsites near you!

No matter how your family chooses to celebrate the season, we encourage you to get outside and have some fun! Nature shows off for us this time of year, so don’t miss this chance to practice your phone photography skills while enjoying quality time together!

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