It’s Time to Take Photos Off Your To-Do List

It’s Time to Take Photos Off Your To-Do List

How many photos are on your photostream right now? Go look, we’ll wait… Chances are it’s over 500. If you’re a parent, it’s definitely over 1,000! You might have lofty goals of organizing those photos or perhaps they are more likely to live in the cloud indefinitely. Cullie was born of the wish for a service that could cull and edit smartphone photos with the precise, creative eye of a professional photographer or editor. We designed our innovative app to take photos off your to-do list and deliver a final product that you’ll love to look at over and over again. Let’s explore how Cullie’s unique service can make your life easier.

Save time

There is a reason you’ve procrastinated the chore of organizing your photostream: it takes time. Decluttering your digital junk drawer is a significant undertaking, especially when your photos are in the thousands. Cullie takes photos off your to-do list. In a few easy steps, you can set up the app to sync with your photostream. After the initial set up, it takes less than five minutes per month to submit your next batch for editing. If you don’t have a natural eye for photography, it’s hard to choose the best images when there are hundreds of duplicates. Send them ALL to us! We’ll tackle the tedious, daunting task of sorting through them. If you overthink it, you might even run the risk of dismissing images that are too dark when our Editors can unlock the full potential of a photo. Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it fussing over your photos when it could be spent making more memories with your family and friends.

Free up space on your phone

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but your smartphone storage will thank you for the breathing room. You most likely saved your photos and videos on your device in their original, high-resolution version (don’t even get us started on “Live” photos). This means that they are probably taking up a lot of precious real estate on your smartphone. After you receive your beautifully edited photos in your monthly Folio, you can go back and purge your photo library without the fear that you’ll accidentally erase a meaningful memory.

Relieve stress

Marie Kondo’s organizing philosophy is deeply connected to mental health—and the same goes for your digital mess too. You probably spend more time than you’d like to admit with your eyes on a screen. The act of “tidying up” your photostream will bring a sense of calm you didn’t know you needed. Staying organized is often a domino effect: Once you begin to gain control in one area, you’re more likely to follow suit in other areas. If you’ve ever pinned an image of a perfectly organized kitchen pantry on Pinterest, then you’re in the right place. Cullie’s signature service will set you up for success as you strive for organization in all aspects of your life.

Better than auto apps

Cullie isn’t just another ordinary photo editing app. We’re better. One of our key differentiators is that you have real people editing your photos. Editing and retouching are just like painting a portrait: The process calls for a creative eye. You simply can’t duplicate editing with a machine and expect to yield the same results. You can slap the same filter on all of your images in an editing app, but they won’t look uniform because they weren’t captured under the same conditions. Our professional Editors work meticulously, image by image, to enhance your photos into bright, shiny memories. The photos that make it to your monthly Folio will be streamlined in style and flawlessly balanced in areas like exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, sharpness, and saturation.

Memorable keepsakes

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to download and share your memories. After you’ve submitted your photos, we will deliver your monthly Folio in about a week. These images are yours to keep and use however you’d like! We can also work with you to create photo books for a tangible collection of your best moments. Our albums come in sizes of 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12 with a range of page numbers, depending on how many photos you’d like to include. Choose from our cruelty-free leather and fabric covers with archival paper to create a high-quality keepsake that you’ll cherish forever.

We have one last question, what are you waiting for? Click here to get started by signing up for our monthly Folio service online, downloading the Cullie app, and syncing your first batch of photos. We know you’ll love the final product as much as you loved making the memories.

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