Smartphone Accessories to Help You Become a Better Photographer

Smartphone Accessories to Help You Become a Better Photographer

True or false? I need an expensive camera to take high-quality photos.

This statement is 100% false! While a fancy digital camera is an investment that makes sense for some people, you don’t need a professional camera to capture high-quality images. In fact, you’re most likely reading this blog from a device that already has a state-of-the-art camera built right in. As technology continues to outdo itself, the camera on your smartphone gets increasingly more advanced. And we’ll let you in on a little secret: There are some cost-effective tools of the trade that you can use to take your smartphone photography to the next level.

Here are some of our must-have accessories to elevate your photography:

Lens Cleaner 

This first item on our list might seem obvious, but many smartphone photography faux pas result from a dirty lens. Make sure you are using the proper tools to keep your lens clean and free from dirt, grease, or any other substances. Here are some quick tips and products that will help you keep your lens crystal clear and ready for action. 

Gorillapod Stand

The Gorillapod phone tripod stand helps you get a steady shot from virtually anywhere. This product features adjustable legs, is small in size, and can securely hold onto almost any stationary object. These phone tripods travel well and can be used in both landscape and portrait mode. Visit their website to explore available models and find the tripod that works best for your smartphone and lifestyle.

Selfie Stick

People can hate on selfie sticks all they want, but this tool is the way to go if you’re on your own or traveling with a group and tired of nominating the person with the longest arms to take the selfie. There are many models to choose from, so you’ll first want to confirm that the product is compatible with your smartphone. We also recommend picking a selfie stick that can convert to a tripod, has built-in Bluetooth capabilities and can fold up to become a compact item you can easily carry in your bag or pocket.

Smartphone Lenses

An auxiliary lens for your smartphone is an effective way to dramatically enhance your photos without the expense or hassle of a professional digital camera. Whether you’re looking for a telephoto (zoom) lens or an extra wide-angle, there are endless options to choose from in this category of tech! When you’re considering which lens to buy, we recommend you start by determining what/who your subject will be and determining how much you’re willing to spend. The smaller, more portable lenses will tend to be the least expensive, whereas the larger, bulkier models will change the game for your smartphone photography (for a price). For a more extensive breakdown of the world of smartphone lenses, we recommend this article from Digital Camera World.


If you’re chasing after your little ones while also trying to keep a steady hand, you’re not in the best position to record a quality video. A gimbal is a handheld stabilizer that will make your amateur videography look good enough for the big screen. This tool features a pivoted support that allows for the rotation of an object around a single axis, allowing you to shoot smooth, cinematic footage with ease. Similar to smartphone lenses, there are several options and price points to choose from. This Wirecutter article is an excellent place to start when finding the right model for your needs.


By adding some of these tools to your wishlist, you’ll be armed with an arsenal of accessories to elevate your smartphone photography, but Cullie is the best accessory you can buy. You should be fearless when snapping photos on your smartphone, especially when you have a team of expert Editors behind you with the Cullie service. By the time your photostream gets to our Editors, we’ll be able to add the finishing creative touches to make memories worth cherishing forever.

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