7 Occasions That Are Perfect for Photo Books

7 Occasions That Are Perfect for Photo Books

A photo book is a tangible way to organize your cluttered photo stream into a meaningful keepsake. While technology allows for various creative ways to store your memories digitally, photo books’ sentimental nature provides a different kind of value. Whether your images are scattered haphazardly across multiple devices or saved to a mysterious cloud, technology still has the potential to fail. A photo book will keep your collection safe in a hard-copy format. 

You’re also more likely to revisit your photos when they’re right in front of you (not tucked away on a hard drive). When you place your photo books in a communal part of your home, like a coffee table or bookshelf, you can quickly turn a page to your favorite memories. If they’re going to be on show, they should also look good! We offer photo books in sizes of 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12 with a selection of vegan leather and linen cover options in a variety of colors. Our high-quality photo books also feature tear-resistant pages that will stand the test of time—and toddlers!

Are you ready to take your photos to the next level? Here are seven occasions when you can organize your photos into a photo book.

1. Life Milestones

Life milestones like weddings or graduations are the ultimate “photo dump.” Everyone with a smartphone is snapping away to capture the meaningful moments of the day. Creating a photo book for this special occasion is the perfect way to organize the collection of photos into one big happy memory that you can revisit whenever you please.

2. Vacation

Suppose you take an annual family vacation somewhere new or perhaps a yearly family retreat to the same well-loved destination. In that case, a photo book can chronicle the story of those happy memories year after year. It’s entertaining to revisit the adventures from your travels and look back on how your family has grown over the years.

3. Legacy

After the passing of a loved one, revisiting happy memories through old photos can be a cathartic experience. A photo book will help someone heal while celebrating the life of the person they’ve lost through treasured memories.

4. Retirement

A photo book can also make for a meaningful retirement gift! Years of hard work often result in years of fun photos. To celebrate someone’s retirement and say thank you, gather photos from people who have worked with that individual to commemorate a successful career.

5. Anniversary

If you have a big anniversary on the horizon, a photo book is a thoughtful way to mark the occasion. Gather photos from the highlights of each year you’ve been married and wrap them up into a meaningful gift. Look back on all the happy memories while you toast to the good times to come!

6. Holiday, Month, or Season

If you’re interested in organizing your photos into a uniform sequence of photo books, you can create separate books for different holidays, months, or seasons. When you’re diligent about keeping your collection categorized, you can quickly find a specific photo if you know it took place in Winter of 2020. It’s helpful to choose a repeatable way to stay organized if you take lots of photos throughout the year!

Pro Tip – It’s never too late to start organizing your collection of photos. We recently helped a client cull and edit five years’ worth of photos!

7. By Year—Calendar or Age

You might also prefer to build an annual photo book that corresponds to either a calendar year or your children’s age. Choosing the best photos year after year to create a full library of happy memories is the ultimate way to keep your photos organized and accessible.

This sounds great, but where do I even begin?

We understand that organizing your photos is a daunting task! When you have thousands of images stored in several different places, it’s too time-consuming to dig through the digital junk drawer to find the best ones and put them in a photo book. 

With our one-time Folio service, we will send you an external hard drive to help you collect images from multiple devices. Your digital, edited photos will then be returned to you on a flash drive. You can then print them, share them, or make a photo book! Ready to get started? Click here to learn more about our One-Time Folio Service pricing.

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