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Picture-Perfect DIY Halloween Costumes

Picture-Perfect DIY Halloween Costumes

Repeat after me: Halloween is not canceled. While our traditions may look a little different this year, there are still tons of ways to celebrate safely. One of the biggest highlights of the holiday – other than the candy, of course – is dressing up! Even if trick or treating isn’t on the agenda, your little ones don’t have to miss out on this part of the experience—and you won’t miss your chance to snap that sweet photo for the memory book.

If venturing out and shopping for a costume feels overwhelming, we’re here for you! We’ve rounded up some of the internet’s best DIY options that will create that picture-perfect moment you can cherish in years to come.

For the first Halloween… Deviled Eggs

Don’t leave the newest, tiniest member of your family out of the fun! This baby deviled egg costume is simple, comfortable, and oh-so-cute!

Image Credit: @toystorydad

For the scary option… Mummy

A DIY mummy is a classic for a reason. This simple costume will be a huge hit and check all the spooky boxes!

For the adventurer… Max from Where the Wild Things Are

It doesn’t take much to craft this creative costume for your toddler. As an added bonus, you’ll love looking back on the photos of a cherished childhood story.

Image Credit: @rytedaco

For some family fun… Guess Who

With a couple of colorful t-shirts, black bottoms, and some poster board, you can have a family costume that looks like the real deal. Don’t forget to set a timer and get the group photo!

Image Credit: @thuyzerrr

For an out of this world idea… Spaceship

This eye-catching get-up is a guaranteed a crowd-pleaser. Just make sure your kiddo comes in peace!

For the reader… If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

The fan-favorite illustrated book also makes for a great costume—complete with a treat bag for collecting candy.

Image Credit: @ann.dree.ah_ 

For your bundle of joy… Rainbow

Find a cuter DIY costume for a toddler… we’ll wait!

For a sibling combo…SCUBA Divers

If your little ones are aqua-aficionados, then this DIY SCUBA diver costume will not disappoint. It’s one of the more complicated options, but definitely worth the photo op!

For the sweetheart…Cupcake

If you’ve got a tutu, pom poms, a white shirt, and a hot glue gun, you’ve got all the supplies you need for this precious cupcake costume.

Image Credit: @laurenmancke

For that viral photo…the cast of Schitt’s Creek

They swept the Emmy’s and now they’re taking Halloween by storm. This hilarious and timely costume will make everyone in the neighborhood laugh, and we could all use a few more laughs this year.

No matter how your family decides to celebrate a reimagined Halloween holiday, don’t miss your chance to make some memories that you’ll treasure forever. All of these moments, both big and small, will add up to be a collective reminder of a very unpredictable year. Happy crafting!

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