Say Hello to Your Photos in a Whole New Way

Say Hello to Your Photos in a Whole New Way

Would you believe us if we told you that over 1 TRILLION PHOTOS will be taken this year?!?  And not surprisingly, the vast majority are captured on a smartphone. If you ever get the feeling that you’ve single-handedly taken a trillion photos on just your phone, you’re not alone. Tackling your digital-photo junk drawer is no easy feat. Cullie Editors are here for you. Not software, not more filters. Real experts ready to help you.

The heart of the matter

Cullie was born from a simple thought, “I wish someone could edit all of my photos.”

Co-Founders Leslie and Cameron always loved the professional photos that resulted from their annual family photoshoots. One day, Leslie was reviewing photos with her photographer, Kate Byars, and a light bulb went off: Leslie had so many amazing photos but never had the time to find the good ones and edit them. What if someone as talented as Kate could sort through her photos and edit them professionally?

Leslie consulted with Kate to test what a professional editing service would look like and to determine how to launch the idea. With Cameron’s operational expertise and Leslie’s visionary spirit, they launched Cullie to create a seamless photo curating and editing service.

Cullie is all about the people—the busy moms and dads who simply don’t have the time to organize their photos and the professional editors who want to help you cherish your memories. You simply can’t substitute the creative expertise of a professional editor with software or an algorithm.

How the Monthly Folio service works

Now picture this: Your photos are piling up. Sound familiar? You’ve got thousands of photos from vacations, graduations, birthdays and other milestones. In these moments, it made sense to take a burst of 30 photos trying to capture all your little ones smiling at the same time. However, now you’re faced with the mammoth task of tackling that photostream. Enter, Cullie.

After you allow access to your camera roll, your photos will sync with the Cullie app. You can send up to 1000 photos at a time, and our best advice is to send ‘em all. The good, the bad, the ugly, the duplicates, the screenshots—don’t even worry about it! Your photos are synced to a secure server to maintain privacy, and our team of Editors uses their expert eye as they cull your photostream.

Our Editors will make the best shots shine, just like you remember them. Our team is comprised of professionals in the industry, many of them being freelance photographers themselves. While we cannot guarantee that you’ll have the same Editor each month, we can guarantee the same quality Folio (collection of photos) for you every time.

When your revisions are completed in about a week, you’ll receive your monthly Folio of edited photos to revisit, share, download and print. We want you to savor the memories worth keeping, without the hassle of organizing and editing your photos.

Take your photos off your to-do list

Leslie and Cameron have always been in search of ways to help people enjoy the present moment by focusing on what matters and not feeding distractions. Cullie helps you clear out your digital drunk drawer and connect to your loved ones by sharing the magical memories. Visit our website to subscribe to our Monthly Folio Service.

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